Little Star Ranch, LTD Minature Horse Farm

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Welcome to Little Star Ranch, Ltd.  Where little horses are the star attraction.  Their personalities shine bright and the love and joy they bring are bigger than the sky.

Little Star Ranch is a 15 acre ranch set in the town of Manhattan, Illinois.  The miniature horses are quality bred with phenomenal bloodlines and show potential.  But that is not all they posses!  Movement, refinement and color combinations are also a goal of the breeding program.

Then, at the heart of the program, is the enjoyment miniature horses bring into your life!  If you are looking for a special horse to add to your breeding program, show in halter or have great driving potential, or to plain have fun with, then it will be worth your while to visit the horses at Little Star Ranch!

Just remember, they can fit in your home, in your family and in your heart, BUT if they move into the house… the neighbors may not understand!  You, on the other hand, may have trouble making them sleep in the barn!

Specializing in A size miniature horses. 
Where quality bloodlines, confirmation, and attitude shine bright!

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Little Star Ranch, LTD Minature Horse Farm - Little Star Ranch Miniature Horse Ranch and Farm specializes in A size miniature horses. Quality bloodlines, confirmation, movement, refinement and color combinations are our goal for our breeding program. Stallions, Mares, Fillies and Foals available. Our horses are our Star attraction!